Revolutionizing Veterinary Care with Every Tap

Welcome to the Vetpocket App, the pinnacle of veterinary digital resources. Designed by a team of experts with a deep understanding of the challenges and needs within veterinary medicine, our app is dedicated to enhancing the practice and study of veterinary care through innovative technology.


Our VisionThe Vetpocket App was conceived with a single goal in mind: to empower veterinary professionals and students with a comprehensive tool that simplifies complex calculations, provides instant access to essential information, and supports clinical decision-making with confidence and precision. Our vision is to make veterinary care more efficient, accurate, and accessible, transforming how professionals and students engage with their daily tasks and long-term learning.


Our TeamThe Vetpocket App is the result of the collaborative efforts of our founding team, whose diverse expertise has been pivotal in its development:

Kevin Bedard

Product Design (UI/UX)

 Utilizes his expertise in UX/UI design to create an intuitive and engaging user experience that makes complex information accessible and straightforward.

Dr. Danelia de Kock

DVM, Mathematician & Author

Brings her extensive veterinary knowledge and passion for education, ensuring the app's content is accurate, relevant, and valuable.

Jakcson Hines

Software Engineer

Leverages his software engineering skills to ensure the app's performance is smooth, reliable, and state-of-the-art.